Thank you Pastor Sam Shin for being at our Winter retreat 2015

Thank you Pastor Sam Shin for helping Heartbeat Church Sydney to find the meaning and forming the foundation for an Authentic Community.

Heartbeat Church Sydney has been really blessed by Pastor. Sam Shin’s presence during and after our winter conference.

We would like to bless Pastor Sam and the people at Disciple Church and we would like to thank you for blessing us as well.

Father God, we thank you for this great man of God for this season you have spoken so clearly, so poignantly, to all of us through this week Lord and that you will continue through him. And I pray that everything that he preached about this church and what it needs to become, we pray that the same thing will happen at Disciple Church. May Your blessings be over them, your hands covering them, so that we strive together to become that Authentic Community, that is so accepting and experiencing so much healing. Knowing that you are the God who loves to heal us, receive us, accept us and we want to imitate you Lord God.

Let Your Disciple Church become true disciples of Jesus Christ. Let Your anointing upon Pastor Sam Lord God, we thank you Lord God, increase him more and more as he offers himself for Your sake Lord.




Love Thy Neighbour



“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ ” Matthew 25:40

They wait patiently for our arrival every Sunday at 7pm in the City of Sydney. As we prepare to set up our stands, filled with food, juice and hot drinks, they brace whatever the Australian weather had thrown at them. Still, they wait patiently, orderly and looking out for one another. Being sure that none would miss out on the opportunity to nourish their stomachs but also their hearts with the company of many who eagerly wanting to serve, having a conversation and acknowledging that they matter.

Jesus tells us that we are one body in Christ. Everyone; rich, poor, every race, every age, has a legitimate role to play in that body. We came here thinking we were helping them, though they were helping us understand more about ourselves just as much as we understood our brothers and sisters.

Ultimately, we are helping each other grow together into the body Christ envisioned from the beginning of time. Our commonalities become striking when we knock down the false boundaries we have thrown up around our love.

Think about it: every Christian is spiritually homeless.

We live in temporary shelters, however modest or grandiose, waiting to take our places in the Lord’s mansion.



Come and Build: Heartbeat Church Relocation Service

Heartbeat is relocating and will meet at a new time. After careful consideration, Heartbeat will partner with Onnuri Church Sydney to build a interdependant, multi-site church together. This means that Heartbeat will be independent in finance and ministry but will partner with Onnuri Church Sydney to bring back the lost generation (i.e. those that have left the church for lack of an English-speaking ministry/community) and raise the next generation. This is something I have been waiting to see in this city for the last 20 years. I can’t begin to fathom the impact this will have if this truly works. Praying for synergy and unity.

The journey starts 5th April 2:20pm @ 18 Main Ave Lidcombe. Please come and celebrate with us.