Service Timetable & Instructions


Setting/Packing up Process

Time of gather: 9:30 AM (Doors open at 9:00 AM)

Aim to close before 1:00 -1:30 PM (Sermon will finish around 12:15 PM)

Snack Budget: ~$50

Example of food

  • Grape Seedless
  • Traditional Hommus
  • Egyptian Beetroot Dip
  • Carrot 1KG

Cabinet stores all of Heartbeat’s things. It is not locked. Note the HBC metal sign is wedged between the bench and metal cabinet.


  • Setup coffee machine
  • Setup water/Cups
  • Setup snacks (Crackers)
  • Setup 2 tables, setup as an L-shape

Setting up Kidswave Room (When you pack up, restore to layout of what it was)

Tables and chairs stacked at the back

Setting up children mats (stored in the blue box) at the back of the main hall

Setup/Packdown HBC signage at the front of the entrance, plus signs on walls inside building on Ground Level and Level 1.

Ground Level, Kidswave and Toilet sign.

Sign on Level 1. Kidswave sign.

Setup table with notepad and offering envelopes. Ensure a pen is there.

Chair arrangement in hall. Chairs in the front row will need to be stacked at the sides of the hall. Note to not block the emergency exit.

Setting up offering box, place box on-top of these high-chairs. This will also need to be packed away and placed at the mezzanine area.

Pickup rubbish. We need to use our own rubbish bags (stored in the blue box). The bag will need to be taken away and thrown at Onnuri’s bin.