House Church Shepherd’s Conference 2021

House Church Shepherd Report

Service Log

Reimbursement Receipt Submission
Your receipts MUST BE compliant:
Receipts/Tax Invoices provided will have…

  • The words “tax invoice
  • The seller’s identity
  • The seller’s Australian business number (ABN)
  • The date of issue of the tax invoice
  • A brief description of the goods or services sold including quantity, if applicable
  • The GST amount (if any) payable – shown either separately or, if the GST amount is one-eleventh of the total price, as a statement such as “Total price includes GST”
  • The items on the tax invoice that are subject to GST and those that are not

Only TAX Receipts or Invoices, will be accepted
EFT receipt will be rejected.
Image must be clear and complete
The receipts will be checked and reimbursed on a fortnightly basis.
If there are any issues, please contact the Admin team.