2019 Living Life Devotional Plan

Hope you’re all well.
Here are the Living Life reading devotionals for the year in 2019

January: Mark 1 ~ 10
February: Mark 11 ~ 16 / Titus
March: The Hebrews
April: Galatians / Holy Week ‧ Easter QT / James
May: Colossians / Jeremiah 1-8
June: Jeremiah 9-22
July: Jeremiah 23-25, Judea / Psalm 107-118
August: Philippians / Leviticus 1-11
September: Leviticus 12-16 / Psalm 119-126
October: Leviticus 17-27
November: Revelation 1-17
December: Revelation 18-22 / Ephesians / Christmas QT

For each month, previous readings or if the devotionals don’t appear on the day in the app, you can always refer to this link lib.swim.org and click on Living Life QT

7 Days With Jesus 2018

Next week, Heartbeat will be spending time fasting, worshipping, praying, and reading the Bible together in this crucial season of our church.

Whether you’re down and out or in a season of joy and thanksgiving, there is never a better time nor reason to fast. Let us all tame the passions of our heart. Not for momentary pleasures but for Christ who redeems; our work, our families, our studies, our lives.

Jesus is calling.

29-30 Jan, 1-2 Feb
8:00pm @ West Ryde Hall (Graf Avenue opposite the library)

31 Jan
8:30pm @ West Ryde Hall

Read Scripture | 2018

Read Scripture | 2018

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). We also think all Christ followers should spend time reading the scriptures every day. In 2018, many of us at Heartbeat Church are using the Read Scripture app as a tool for our daily reading. This app is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Visit the Read Scripture website for more information. Click here for a sample from the Read Scripture app.

We encourage you to join the Heartbeat Church family in reading the scriptures daily.  You can use the Read Scripture app or you can use your personal Bible and follow the reading plan shown below, as an example, for the month of January.