Last Sunday, we looked at the woman who anointed Jesus with the pure nard.
This was a;
1. Beautiful thing.
2. Timely thing.
3. Important thing.
4. The best thing she could do.
She did something very timely. There is time to feed the homeless, time to go to mission trip, time for an exciting camp. But I believe that it is time for us to come to under the feet of Jesus bringing our heart of pure nard. (Mark 14:1-11). Full sermon available on YouTube:

For this Sunday’s service only (6th October, 2019) we will be at The Connection in Rhodes.

For this Sunday’s service only (6th October, 2019) we will be at The Connection in Rhodes.
The Connection at Rhodes is located close to public transport links and major roadways to the CBD, Parramatta, North Ryde and Sydney Olympic Park. Facing the Homebush Bay Corso, part of the Homebush Bay Circuit pedestrian and cycle path. Adjacent is the new Bennelong Bridge carrying pedestrians, cyclists and public transport between Rhodes Peninsula and Wentworth Point.
Rhodes Train Station is a few minutes walk away on Walker Street.
Bus routes servicing Rhodes include the M41, 458, 459, and 533 along Concord Road and Rider Boulevard (458 only), and the 526 across the Bennelong Bridge.
There is two and four hour timed street parking available on Shoreline Drive and Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre, on nearby Rider Boulevard, provides three hours’ free parking.

2019 Living Life Devotional Plan

Hope you’re all well.
Here are the Living Life reading devotionals for the year in 2019

January: Mark 1 ~ 10
February: Mark 11 ~ 16 / Titus
March: The Hebrews
April: Galatians / Holy Week ‧ Easter QT / James
May: Colossians / Jeremiah 1-8
June: Jeremiah 9-22
July: Jeremiah 23-25, Judea / Psalm 107-118
August: Philippians / Leviticus 1-11
September: Leviticus 12-16 / Psalm 119-126
October: Leviticus 17-27
November: Revelation 1-17
December: Revelation 18-22 / Ephesians / Christmas QT

For each month, previous readings or if the devotionals don’t appear on the day in the app, you can always refer to this link lib.swim.org and click on Living Life QT

[Homelessness Week] The youth of Heartbeat Church serving the homeless community in Sydney

Pastor Joshua Choi leads Heartbeat Church which has served free dinner to homeless communities of Sydney on every Sunday in the last three years.

Pastor Joshua Choi is a renowned figure amongst the Korean Christian community around Sydney. He has established many English Ministries within the ethnic Christian community and founded Heartbeat Church Sydney in 2014. Heartbeat Church is a multicultural and English speaking church, and most of the members are young university students and young professions in their 20s.

In the last three years, the church has been serving Sydney’s homeless community by providing with a free dinner every Sunday at the Central Station. Around ten people prepare the meal and hand over the food to the people in need at the Central station. Approximately ten teams rotate the service every week.

Pastor Choi tells SBS Korean program it is critical for Christians to follow footsteps of Jesus coming for the lowest, the last and the least and that is what the homeless ministry means to the church community.

“Churches seldom to hear “thank you” from outsiders but when we are with the homeless community, many people come to us and express their appreciation and starts to look at us differently,” he says.

Pastor Choi whose church members are mainly young Christians with Korean background in their late teens and early twenties believes our youth generation has a high potential.

“Korean community tends to think the second generation of Korean migrants grew up in Australia are just youth who need to be protected all the time, but the children grew up already, and they became the generation who can help others.”

“The second generation of Korean in Australia has given a lot of benefits in this society while they were growing up, I hope they go out to the community and show others how to be salt and light of the world.”

The full interview with the Pastor Joshua Choi is available on the podcast above.

Read Scripture | 2018

Read Scripture | 2018

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). We also think all Christ followers should spend time reading the scriptures every day. In 2018, many of us at Heartbeat Church are using the Read Scripture app as a tool for our daily reading. This app is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Visit the Read Scripture website for more information. Click here for a sample from the Read Scripture app.

We encourage you to join the Heartbeat Church family in reading the scriptures daily.  You can use the Read Scripture app or you can use your personal Bible and follow the reading plan shown below, as an example, for the month of January.