2015-05-24 PJoshua: Love that never fails

Welcome back Pastor Joshua and NY Team (Cathy, Rachel, Jungsoo)

We would like to thank those who have kept the team in your prayers.

2015-05-24 NY Team

Pastor Joshua ends his sermon with a powerful question for us all;
What does God desire you for your life?

2015-05-24 Sermon

What are the hints to know that you are saved? (3 marks of born-again Christians)

  1. Do you have present trust in Christ Jesus? (John 3:16, Col 1:23)
  2. Is there evidence of a regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in my heart? (James 2:17-18, Romans 8:15-16, Gal 5:22)
  3. Do I see a long term pattern of growth in my Christian life? (2 Peter 1:5-10)

Video of Sermon (now in 720p)

Audio of Sermon

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