2015-05-24 PJoshua: Love that never fails

Welcome back Pastor Joshua and NY Team (Cathy, Rachel, Jungsoo)

We would like to thank those who have kept the team in your prayers.

2015-05-24 NY Team

Pastor Joshua ends his sermon with a powerful question for us all;
What does God desire you for your life?

2015-05-24 Sermon

What are the hints to know that you are saved? (3 marks of born-again Christians)

  1. Do you have present trust in Christ Jesus? (John 3:16, Col 1:23)
  2. Is there evidence of a regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in my heart? (James 2:17-18, Romans 8:15-16, Gal 5:22)
  3. Do I see a long term pattern of growth in my Christian life? (2 Peter 1:5-10)

Video of Sermon (now in 720p)

Audio of Sermon

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Father School

Father School will begin very soon so there is not much time for people to register!

Please have a look at the Father School Program Sheet at the Info Desk on Sunday if you are interested and register either by replying to this email or completing the Rego Forms at the Info Desk.

If you wish to make a payment, it can be done via bank transfer or you can hand the money to Pastor Joshua or the Admin Team.

5 – 7 June

Sydney Central Presbyterian Church
(2B Factory Street, Granville)

Father’s Influence
Father’s Manhood
Father’s Spirituality
Father’s Mission

Community Basketball

Heartbeat Church will hold a time for community basketball on every first Monday of the month, beginning from 7 June. It will be a great time for everyone to mingle and fellowship, as well as to evangelise.

It will be held at the indoor basketball complex from Cumberland College (Building U, Gate 1, The University of Sydney, East Street, Lidcombe)
from 5-7pm. Make sure we see you there!

This was sent in a newsletter through our emails. Almost all church news are announced there. If you would like to keep updated, please pass your emails to the Church Admin Team.

2015-05-15 PJoshua RCC Revival Day 1, 2 & 3

Concluding P.Joshua’s epic revival conference are the 3 remaining audio sermon from Riverside Community Church.


Pastor Joshua Choi  – RCC Revival Session 1 – “Awaken to the Hunger” – Luke 8:40-48

Pastor Joshua Choi  – RCC Revival Session 2 – “Awaken to the Love” –  Ephesians 2:1-10


Pastor Joshua Choi  – RCC Revival Session 3 – “Awaken to the Forgiveness” – Luke 23:32-43


Pastor Joshua Choi  – RCC Revival Session 4 – “Awaken to Worship” – Romans 12:1-12