Prayer is such an important topic for Christians, churches and any follower of Jesus Christ.

  • When you pray God acts
  • When you pray God leads
  • When you pray God works
One of the devastating failures of this generation is that we do not know how to keep coming to God. We live in an “instant” culture where we are so used to pressing a button to get what we desire… and our hunger becomes so cheap and our thirst becomes too shallow. You will never be able to find God like that. You will never be able to enjoy God with that attitude.
Do not give up… come to God constantly
  • Pray until your prayer has been answered
  • Pray until your circumstances change
  • Pray until your heart has been changed
His delay is not a “no” in our lives.
The greatest gift you can ever ask to God is himself. You shouldn’t be satisfied with gifts when you can be satisfied by a giver. A giver is what you need and ultimately a giver is what you desire, actually, who you desire. God ultimately desires to have a relationship with you so he will answer your prayer.
Until Jesus comes, there will always be something to pray about.
Listen to the recording:

Sermon by Reverend Joshua Choi (Heartbeat Church)
Date: January 10th 2014
Title: The Chapel Sydney Conference 2014 Night 1
Passages: Luke 18:1-8